Data Material Project: Number: 59767

My data material project is a Processing sketch (Java) of the world map and the amount of rivers and coasts that take up the world. I entitled my artwork, “Number: 59767”, as that number is the biggest coast of my data, and also the number that was most often used in my code. The “Number” part is inspired by Jackson Pollock, as he entitled many of his splatter paintings, “Number” and then an actual number. “Number: 59767” is a digital data painting inspired by the messiness of splatter paintings from one of my favourite artists, Jackson Pollock. From a technical point of view, I wrote my code on Processing. I took the basis of the world map code from class, and added lines and points to represent the data. By adding in the arrays, I created layers in my piece, and I also added “random” colours to make the piece multicoloured. Overall, I would express my artwork as a digital painting of the rivers and coasts around the world, along with the artistic styles of Jackson Pollock.

This project was created for one of my third year university assignments.

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