W2018 GDPI-PME 811-002

W2018 GDPI-PME 811-002 Innovation in Teaching and Learning – Post #10

March 12, 2018

For this post, I would like to reflect on my second semester of the Queen’s PME journey, as well as this course.
In general, I have become a more innovative and creative teacher since starting Queen’s PME. I have been able to connect to others professionally, and with other like-minded educators. There have been different perspectives of education that I have learned; from the educators I have met and through the content I have learning so far.
This course in particular has given me a look into the traditional education system, the future of education and international education systems.
By becoming “innovative and creative”, I believe we must reflect on history. History, after-all, is the backbone to innovation and creativity, and is what makes them come alive. Without history, there is nothing to change, improve and innovate.
It is interesting to learn about education’s history throughout this course.
Canada’s education system, for example, was built upon the influences of other countries. The education system is still changing, and I believe that it is getting more innovative and creative.
Connecting with professional communities online and through social events has also helped me become more innovative and creative. I am able to see and learn about the different professional communities in my city (Toronto) and online. The other courses I am taking have allowed to me experience the connections through assignments and projects. 

I look forward to learning more in the second half of my Queen’s PME journey. The experience so far has been improving my professional life, and will continue to grow with the other courses I will be taking. The question I have in response to this post is for the other educators I have met — do you think your innovation in teaching has improved throughout your Queen’s PME journey, and through this course? 

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