W2018 GDPI-PME 811-002

W2018 GDPI-PME 811-002 Innovation in Teaching and Learning – Post #5

February 19, 2018

Innovation and creativity is often tied to STEM subjects in school and even in the workplace. Innovation, especially, is a term used in technology and STEM in general. Although creativity is also linked to visual arts, it is no doubt that creativity is still somehow blended into STEM.
When reading the articles on philosophy, neglect is highlighted towards the general arts, liberal arts, philosophy and the humanities. Are these subjects not “creative” and “innovative”?
Society has looked down upon these subjects and many schools are pushing away from these subjects, as their contribution to the future is limited.
More and more now are schools introducing STEM programs and extra-curricular activities. However, could society do the same for subjects in liberal arts and humanities?
As the world continues to advance, it seems like subjects in the arts is dying off. There is not a lot of focus in these subjects. However, if teachers made an effort to introduce innovation and creativity within these subjects, would the world improve in any way? Could the workplace also emphasize these subjects in jobs?
The humanities and liberal arts teach us how to communicate effectively. How can this be beneficial for the future and in innovation and creativity?

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