W2018 GDPI-PME 811-002

W2018 GDPI-PME 811-002 Innovation in Teaching and Learning – Post #4

February 14, 2018

A topic that I have learned in one of the other courses I am taking are the 21st century skills and citizenship.
Part of being a teacher is to incorporate the theme of citizenship into the classrooms. This includes creating a community among the students, encouraging collaboration and raising global awareness.
In addition to these qualities, enhancing creativity and innovation also fulfills citizenship. Creativity and innovation is part of the 21st century skills that leverage citizenship.
In an article I read, entitled “How Can We Teach and Assess Creativity and Innovation in PBL?” author John Larmer states,
“- Design projects to bring out creativity
– Create a culture that promotes creativity and innovation
– Scaffold for creativity and innovation,” (Larmer).
A question that has come to my attention is, in what way is citizenship being crafted in creativity and innovation, specifically in these 3 points?
Another question is, do all teachers really think about citizenship as a relatively important theme when teaching students on a day-to-day basis? Do they often assign projects and assignments solely based on enhancing citizenship in the classroom?
These questions are also for me to ponder within my teaching practice.

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