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W2018 GDPI-PME 811-002 Innovation in Teaching and Learning – Post #3

February 10, 2018

Innovation and creativity is often talked about in the traditional school setting throughout this course. I do not work in a traditional school setting; however, I’ve been involved with schools through external organizations such as after school programs and during my undergraduate studies. Innovation and creativity, in my opinion, is found more so in other educational programming, than in a traditional school. After-school programs such as sports, visual arts, and language learning spark up a lot of creativity and innovation for youth. A combination of these can definitely enhance innovation and creativity further, and is beneficial for their future.

I see a different learning response from students when I teach after-school programs in comparison to how they are learning in schools. In many organizations, such as Girl Guides, Canada Learning Code, and Junior Achievement, there is a sense of entrepreneurship that is being recognized in the programs. When I think of innovation and creativity, I think of entrepreneurial qualities, in which many after-school programs embody.
I’m sure the traditional education system has changed and is quite different today than it was years ago. My question for this post is…is innovation and creativity more present in traditional schools today?

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