W2018 GDPI-PME 811-002

W2018 GDPI-PME 811-002 Innovation in Teaching and Learning – Post #1

January 29, 2018

After working on the revised definitions in module 2, this assignment has got me thinking about how I apply innovation into my teaching practices.

When researching on the definition of “teaching”, many sources came up that reflected on powerful and positive teaching. Themes highlighting “What makes a great teacher”, and “Effective teaching strategies”, often popped up, and these articles resonated to me that being a “great” teacher is so important. It is more than just the who, the where, the when and the why that defines teaching, how it creates a positive mindset bouncing back from students.

Introducing innovation in teaching can help leverage a positive teaching experience. Innovation enhances originality and creativity in teaching, and often causes a positive impact to students. I stated the use of technology in innovation in my definitions assignment. Although technology is a powerful tool that can help a teacher create powerful learning experiences for students, is it true that this can create a “great teacher”?

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