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F2017 GDPI-PME 800-002: Final Thoughts and Reflection

November 28, 2017

Overall, I enjoyed the Self-Regulated Inquiry and Learning course (GDPI-PME 800-002) course. The course has certainly challenged my professional life, but at the end, has improved my outlook in my career and the future of my goals.

I did not expect this course to be the way it was. I expected this course to be like the other ones I am currently taking, which were slightly more traditionally academic. This course, however, was very practical and really pushed myself to become more determined and reflective with my professional career.

Unlike my peers, I am not a certified teacher and I do not work at a traditional school. However, this course does not elaborate too much on the education system or teaching theories. Almost anyone can take this course. My peers had several different goals — from professional goals in their teaching career, to personal goals such as fixing their diet.

I do think this course should’ve been more specific on the guidelines when choosing the goal (a.k.a final project). Perhaps choosing a goal that can be completed within the timeline of this course could have added more depth and thought to the final project.

As you can see, I have changed my goal mid-way through the course.
I am happy with the work I have done however. I have definitely improved this blog, and will continue to blog on to the new year.

I will be taking the Collaborative Inquiry course next year, which seems to be an extension to this course (from what I heard from my peers). I am excited to see what is in store next year!

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