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F2017 GDPI-PME 800-002: The Road to Success…

November 21, 2017

“The road to success is always under construction.”

This quote symbolizes my approach to my final project.


After reading my Peer Reflective Feedback from GDPI-PME 800-002, the main feedback that caught my attention were my lack of proximal goals.

In my old final project idea, I did have proximal goals, and have presented them. However, due to the change, I did not make any proximal goals with my new final project idea. It is very generalized — just to post regularly again.

The feedback has got me thinking about how regularly, and what kind of routine I should create. I believe I mentioned earlier in a previous post, about creating a routine.

I have been recently researching other blogs, and what they do. Some post on a daily basis, some post every other day… and so on. I am still trying to figure out my weekly schedule. In order to create compelling posts, it takes lots of time, many photography shots, photo edits, graphic design, writing and proofreading in order to make one post. There are a couple other courses I am also taking, and I am also working, plus I have other personal things going on in my life right now that I am trying to clear out. So, creating a set routine is quite difficult for me at the moment.

However, creating a proximal goals routine by the time this course ends is something I am working on currently. I have still kept my old final project idea in my records though, because I still think it is something I should pursue in the future.


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