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F2017 GDPI-PME 800-002 – Portfolio Reflection

November 15, 2017

This is the space where you consider the connection between your inquiry and your use of SRL. Please keep your posts concise (3 short paragraphs maximum). Your reflection may be completed in bullet points, a table, chart, or narrative form.

The goal of your reflection is to consider explicitly what you have learned about SRL to date by conducting your inquiry, receiving feedback, and providing feedback to others. Think about the different phases of SRL, and also consider this question:

What are your next steps in applying SRL in your professional or personal context?


As this course is coming to an end, I feel like my SRL skills and productivity has improved. This blog has definitely improved with the actions that I have taken.
SRL is linked with goal-setting, and I feel like my proximal and distal goals are more clear than from my previous idea.
A few improvements I have made with blog:
-Fixed the overall design, including re-designing the logo and the HTML/CSS.
-I have been posting regularly, and I am currently working on a fixed schedule on what and when to post.
-Shared the blog on social media, and got Twitter!


I have gotten good feedback from my peers regarding this goal.
However, what has really helped me stick to my goal and progress positively was hearing what my peers’ goals were and their progression. Many of them have succeeded and have been challenging themselves. This influence adds to my take on my personal goals, as I am able to listen on their strategies. Furthermore, giving feedback to my peers was also helpful. Some of them have similar goals, like using technology as their main source in goal completion. I enjoyed the conversations we had, and I feel that, overall, the feedback sessions were positive.


My next step is just to continue on with regular posting on my blog. In addition, I am learning to become a little bit more present on social media. I am not very present on social media, despite my background in digital art and tech. However, in order to make my goal into something more, I’m learning to be more present on social media too. Twitter is helping me!

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