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F2017 GDPI-PME 800-002 – A Reflection About Goals…

November 8, 2017

As mentioned before, my original goal was to create a workshop. However, due to the timeline of this course, along with a few struggles I faced from making this happen, blogging regularly is now both my distal and proximal goal.

I am learning a lot from the Self Regulated/Inquiry course (GDPI-PME 800-002). There is an emphasis on goal-setting and motivation, and the struggles that come along with it. Changing my final project mid-way through this course really made me realize a few things about myself and goal-setting in general.

I always have big ideas. I love working on big, elaborate projects and I would consider myself an optimistic thinker. Sometimes, this can be a problem, as I forget about the struggles that would arise.
Being a scatterbrain also comes with working with the goals I have in mind. I think too big, and I like to try out everything.

Realizing the ups and downs of goal-setting, I have learned to get back to something I started, instead of starting something new. I recently read this book, called The One Thing:

It was a very compelling read, and I think it links very well with this course. Something that is mentioned in this book is to focus on one thing, and that one thing will grow and branch off to more opportunities. Of course, everyone knows this, but sometimes they do not act on it.

I started this blog in 2015, as a place to put my academic portfolio while I was in Ryerson. I had several different “free” blogs before that, but in 2015, I actually bought a domain. I use this blog as both my academic and professional portfolio, but I also use it to blog about my musings.

As for that workshop.. it’s still on my mind. I am going to focus on this blog first, and I’ll go from there… 🙂

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