New Year, New You

January 28, 2017

Even though January 1st 2017 was a while ago, we are celebrating another new year, the Year of the Rooster. Today marks new beginnings, new goals and a new you. If you haven’t thought about New Year’s resolutions, you can think about it now.

Here are six new years resolutions/guides/goals/lifestyle changes/whatever you want to call it, to make this year an awesome one!

1. Clean up and Declutter – And spend less on “things”. I had a major clean out of my room recently, on which I had things that made me ask myself “Why do I have this? I don’t need it anymore, it’s pointless. Why did I buy this?”. Minimalism is really taking shape in the millennial generation, and it’s quite a good thing. It helps us save money and live happier. By cleaning up and donating or selling old items, we also clear our minds and put more focus on other things, like experiences, and life long goals.
Take a look at this.

2. Buy Local, Support Global – Even though I just talked about spending less on things, we can’t just have absolutely nothing. We have to be smart spenders. With the “buy local, support global” mantra, we are not just buying “things” but we are buying things that give back, and things that matter. From food, to clothes, to furniture, there are many brands out there these days that will use a portion of your spendings towards a greater good. Or, we are supporting local people and small businesses instead of big corporate chains that aren’t very ethical. Etsy is a great example of “buy local, support global”. They have tons of products and you know where they are sourced and who’s making them. Buy local and support global to kick off the new year.

3. Travel – I think the number one reason why people put travel in the back burner of resolutions is because of money. Yes, it costs money to travel, but it doesn’t have to cost a whole lot. There are so many ways nowadays, especially with the help of technology, to travel more and spend less. Hostelling is a great way to see the world, and a lot of the times, there are exchange programs on which you volunteer to clean the hostel in exchange for a bedroom. There is also taking on volunteer opportunities in exchange for food and accommodation, as well as work opportunities. Changing your mindset to travelling for purpose rather than travelling for leisure will help you save money (and possible make money) while having the best experience ever.

4. Read – Get back into reading. After college, it seems like many people just stop reading. Like travelling, it is a learning experience. We see new things, and get excited about a story. Go to the library to take out books, or invest in a Kindle. These are ways to save money and gain knowledge and discover something new.

5. Get Movin’ – January is usually a busy time at the gym. But exercising should be a regular routine. It doesn’t even have to be hitting the gym all the time — perhaps taking the stairs instead of the elevator, and walking to a nearby building instead of driving are ways to keep your body healthy and moving.

6. Start Something – and sticking to it!! This is honestly my personal goal too. Starting something, whether it is a new workout routine, picking up a new hobby or starting a business, can be easy at first, but sticking to it — that’s the hard part. Starting something is always good, for yourself and for the people around you. It helps build self confidence and broadens your outlook on something new. It’s still early on in the year, so starting something now can really help you kick off the new year on a happy note.

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