The Non For Profits That Are Changing The World

October 25, 2016

I have been involved with non for profits for a long time now — from volunteering in high school to working in a non for profit. Every experience for me is a rewarding one, and I encourage all of you to be involved with a non-for profit. Whether it may be a few hours volunteering in your local community or even packing up your bags to go to a third world country, any moment of self sacrifice to improve the lives of others goes a long way.

These are some of the non for profits that have caught my eye. They have extraordinary world changing missions and I have actually been involved with a few of them:

Newstory: A former Y Combinator start-up, Newstory is a charity that brings back homes to those that have lost it. They also transform communities through building homes: from natural disasters to homes in unliveable conditions in third world countries, Newstory’s donations goes towards clean water, a durable roof and transforming lives.

Khan Academy: Learn absolutely anything in any different language on Khan Academy! Okay — not anything. Khan Academy focuses on academic subjects such as math, science, English, and even computer programming. Khan Academy is definitely changing the world — as we are getting more and more digital by day, Khan Academy introduces a whole new way to learn for free.

Love Volunteers: One of the most affordable international volunteer programs out there, Love Volunteers is popular for those who want to experience a gap year, a short volunteer excursion or just go on holidays for purpose. I volunteered in Mexico with Love Volunteers for a week during the summer of 2015. I learned a lot — it was my first time outside of North America and living in a third world city (I lived in Temixco), certainly changed my life.

Me To We: This Canadian organization has expanded into a worldwide movement, and they even opened a store in Toronto’s Eaton Centre. Founded by Craig Kielburger (who by the way is from my home town of Thornhill,ON!), Me To We is another travel based volunteer organization. They also have We Days, and a wide range of global issues they help out with.

Malala Fund: As a teacher myself, I feel that it is important that every child should go to school, whether they are a boy or a girl. I have read Malala’s book, which talks about her journey to speaking out on education for girls. 2016 seems to be the rise of modern day feminism, and The Malala Fund is an organization marks how important education should be provided to any young girl around the world.

Ladies Learning Code: This organization encourages computer programming to women by teaching code. They also teach youth how to code, and sometimes have free programs and workshops year round. Mentors and sometimes even teachers volunteer their time to guide the students around the digital platforms.

Watsi: A non profit crowdsourcing platform, Watsi connects medical patients from around the world to their donors. Donors can see the many in need of medical attention, and can fund them directly on Watsi. The process is simple, and every donor is making a difference — digitally!

Acumen: Acumen uses a unique investment model to tackle poverty around the world. They also have volunteer chapters around the world, and offices in India, Kenya, New York and more cities. They also have fellowship programs for young professionals that have an entrepreneurial mind and are willing to help the world.

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