Mac and Cheese

October 20, 2015

Mac and cheese is definitely one of my favourite foods. It’s creamy, cheesy and delicious, and making homemade mac and cheese is tastier than Kraft Dinner (although I have to admit, I love Kraft Dinner too).
Less is more, and I like my mac and cheese made with simple ingredients. This is how I make my mac and cheese (I apologize for the non-specific measurements. When it comes to cooking, I usually eyeball everything):

About 2 tablespoons of butter
About 2 tablespoons of flour
About a half a cup of 2% milk
Lots of cheddar cheese (I used Triple Cheddar)
Half a package of pasta

1. Cook the pasta.
2. In a pot, whisk the flour and butter. Pour in the milk, and whisk altogether. Then add some cheese until a cheesy sauce is formed.
3. Take the pot of cheese sauce off the heat. Stir in the pasta.
4. Pour the mac and cheese into a backing dish, and top it off with cheese. Bake at 350 until crispy, slightly brown and bubbly at the top.
5. Enjoy!

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