Volunteer Abroad: Mexico

August 20, 2015

In August 2015, after I finished my work term in L.A, I went to volunteer abroad in Mexico. I have always wanted to do a volunteer abroad adventure, and this trip definitely showed me “the other side of the world” and how just a few actions can make a big difference.

I taught yoga and English to the children of Temixco, Mexico. Temixco is located in the city of Cuarnavaca, which is in the state of Morelos. It is a developing town, and I did experience a culture shock throughout my trip. Although I was only there for a week, my voluntary contribution made a big impact on these children, and the children and the people of Temixco definitely taught me to be appreciative of the life I have here.

I went with Love Volunteers, and stayed with the co-ordinator who runs a non-for-profit out of her own home. Here are a few snapshots of my adventure:

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