Smoothie Combinations

May 29, 2015

Summer is well on its way, and so are the fresh foods to make a summer smoothie. There are hundreds (500) of combinations to make, so bring out that blender and drink a cup a day!

The Base: For the base, instead of ice and water, try adding milk, orange juice or yogurt. These power bases have nutrients and protein to start your day.
Fruits: There are endless fruit combinations when creating your smoothie–from berries to bananas, mangos and more!
Veggies: Kale and spinach are veggies that can definitely add nutrients to your smoothie: If you blend it with fruit, you won’t taste the veggies at all!
Other: Chia seeds, honey or flax seeds can add a little more boost to your juice.

Here are some smoothie combinations you can try:
Very Berry Green Juice: Strawberries/blueberries/kale/spinach/ice
Mighty Mango Milkshake: Mangoes/yogurt/chia seeds/milk
Citrus Berry: Orange juice/lemon juice/strawberries/raspberries/blueberries/ice
Mellow Yellow: Mangoes/bananas/honey/yogurt

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